For electronic musicians: 7 things against creativity blocks

SEPTEMBER 3, 2017 by admin

If I’m in a creativity block mode, which happens mostly when I’m forced to do something like a remix with deadline or just searching for that special element to finish a track, there are some things that helped me over the years. Maybe it helps you, too, music lovers! I think this is also applicable to other kinds of art.

1 – stimulate your senses

I’m a synaesthete which means colors, sounds, tastes and everything which has got to do with senses are connected for me. That’s why when I look at a beautiful painting or enjoying a delicious meal, I’m always hearing sounds. It’s hard to describe. But try it out, maybe you are such a kind of person, too?

2 – listen to music

If I’m in creativity block mode, I’m just listening to music I like. And don’t worry: After that, your music won’t sound exactly like the song you listened to. Maybe it will have a slightly similar mood. Even if you feel like you are copying something, you don’t, everyone has his or her own style of art.

3 – play an instrument (real or virtual)

I advice every musician to have at least one midi keyboard or pad. It helps a lot just randomly push some keys or buttons. Some of you may own an instrument – play it! And don’t forget to record, of course.

4 – sample stuff

I’m living in Berlin, and I’m trying to have a recording device with me as often as I can when I’m on the move in this big, crazy city. This stuff is perfect for ambient and also all kinds of other music, crop it, stretch it, whatever!

5 – go out

Meet friends, socialize, go to events. For me, every new person I meet or place I see creates a sound pattern in my mind. Do you feel the same way? You can make a track about your car, a new friend, a supermarket. Just one thing: you have to go outside – it’s worth it!

6 – read this book – in my opinion it helps (me), even if you’re not using Ableton, maybe try the first pages mentioned on the website for free. (not sponsored)

7 – watch tutorials

There are a lot of tutorials out there – I recommend loopmasters, but even if you watch a 2008 tutorial on YouTube which you think is really shit – you’ll have an idea of what to do better!

So these were some of my methods – now tell me what is your insider tip against creativity blocks? Or do they only exist in our own imagination?