‘Studio video or it didn’t happen!’ – music production on social media

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 by admin

Hello world,

from time to time, I look at my Instagram feed and see a lot of videos of people producing music. I like to look at them, because it’s always interesting to see what the workflow of other producers is like, what equipment they use and so on. However, it seems like these videos have conquered the music scene and finally gained power over the final musical output of the artist – more power than they should have, in my opinion.

Shortly I got asked by someone, why I don’t post these producing videos anymore.

And I tell you why. Last year, I rented a small ‘studio’ (when I called it studio I once got an angry comment from a user in some Facebook group that this would be ‘no studio but a rehearsal room’, which is why from then on I had lots of fun giving this place names like ‘my castle’, ‘my home’ or even ‘my kitchen’). Now that I work as a freelance artist and not as an employee, you can imagine how the monthly expenses have changed (the term ‘poor artist’ doesn’t exist for nothing). The consequence for me was to save as much as I could. And therefore, I had to put my equipment (it’s not much and you can beat me black and blue, but I will still call it ‘equipment’) back home, which is no problem for me, because I work with headphones. HEADPHONES? Yes. I produced my whole last album with headphones. Luckily I have friends with real studios, so from time to time, I can listen to my tracks there and in return, I write a text for them, for example. But most is done with headphones. So, do you want a video with an Ableton screen and a time indication moving forward and a tiny idea of a sound coming out of a laptop speaker? I wouldn’t want to.

Same with analogue equipment. Yes, there are only a few videos of me playing on analogue equipment, but I definitely have done it. Of course I’m still a beginner, but I know how these things work and I don’t FILM everything. My life is my life and I don’t want to share everything. I learned so much about synthesis the last months and I tested many synths (yes, most of them also with headphones).

Bedroom producing – my current status

So people, I know, there’s a lot of ghost producing out there, but isn’t it dumb to say ‘Oh, XY doesn’t post studio videos, I bet he/she has a ghost producer!’ Don’t you think that people with ghost producers, who obviously have got enough money to hire someone for producing their music and rather belong to the group of profit-oriented people are not able to create alibi studio videos? And that others who don’t post videos 1) don’t have the time to film 2) don’t have a fancy studio to film 3) work at other people’s homes that they don’t want to have on video?

So for all of you, I hope you will enjoy my upcoming album Peaceful Heart which is available on Beatport now for pre-order, release will be on 11 Sept on beautiful and clever Amber Long‘s fresh Honey Drops label as well as my article in German print mag SynMag which will be in stores from 29 September. It’s only a small device test, but I’m happy about it as I love synths and this mag.

And if you want real fancy studio videos, here you can support me on Patreon so that I can move to a fancy studio one day 😉